Out of Office Generator

Out of Office Generator

Written by McSweeney's

A better vacation deserves a better Out of Office Message. With the help of the humorists at McSweeney's, we've created a new way for you to step up your reply the next time you step away from the office and social media.

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So, what’s your name?

* Please fill in your name.
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What kind of trip are you taking?

Ski Beach Other
* Please select the kind of trip you are taking.
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Who are you travelling with?

Family Couple Friends Other
* Please select the people you will be travelling with.
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When are you leaving and returning?

* Please select a departure date and a return date. Your return date must come after your departure date.
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Who is covering for you while you're away?

* Please add a name or email address.
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1 Who 2 Where 3 With 4 When 5 Contact

This is your OOO Message